Magnetic Dots

Watch the hypnotic, entrancing, enthralling, magnetic, dots. Even as you read these words, the spiral is drawing your attention back towards it like a magnet. And with that, your conscious is already slipping, and when you have dropped your first action will be to click on the pic.



Every part of this spiral is hypnotic, entrancing, enthralling, magnetic, and even as you read these words the spiral is drawing your attention back towards it like a magnet. And with that, your conscious is already slipping, and when you have dropped your first action will be to click on the pic.



A rotating spiral design, harking back to the classics. Just enjoy letting it focus and draw your attention towards it, over and over, like a magnet drawing iron filings towards it.

You're already feeling its effects, even as your conscious mind slips now, and you unconsciously click on the pic.



Let the bright sodium glow of these lights draw your attention to the centre of this pic. Your fingers will click on the pic before you realise that you have been tranced.



A spiral that flashes across your eyes like shower of scintillating particles on a fluorescent screen. Deeply enthralling, it pulls you in so quickly, and you never even notice your hand being guided to click the pic until you're already deeply under.


Playing Catchup

Here's a brand new spiral for you to enjoy tonight. It's been a while since I posted here, because I post my spirals here nowadays. But once you feel yourself slip from watching this spiral, enjoy letting your unconscious click on the centre of the picture and it will take you to another page which you will enjoy.


Squaring The Circle

Another beautiful, entrancing spiral, and the more you watch it, you notice how deeply it draws your attention in.


Golden Circle

Such a pretty golden circle. Doesn't its shine captivate your attention and focus, deeply, on how relaxing it is?


Flying [Gas Anaesthesia Video]

Following on from last week's Youtube video, another general anaesthesia scene where it's a female patient (who, presumably, gave her consent not only for the surgery but for it to be filmed and put up on Youtube).

Here you go, students.



One of my followers wanted to see a spiral here tonight, instead of a video. In fact, she sent me the spiral that she wanted to see. How can I say no?


Thought I'd share this YouTube video with you here. Some of you have a huge gas and anaesthesia fetish, so enjoy this video of a surgeon enjoying a dose of real life knockout gas.


New Year's Eve Trance

It's almost the New Year! 2018 is just around the corner! And before you get there, enjoy this long drop into a trance.


Wheels Within Wheels

You know what day it is today? I'm guessing you already know, and you're wondering what Santa has left for you beneath the tree.

He's left this for you - a spiral, and a long, pleasant drop into a deep, deep trance.

Merry Christmas.


Go Into The Light

At the centre of this tunnel effect is a bright light. In the centre of this light is a deep trance.



Enjoy letting this blue and white spiral drop you into a trance. It works very powerfully and quickly.



This is scintillating, and it will captivate and fascinate you very quickly and deeply.



Kind of a cross between a warp and a ripple, this spiral is unusually soothing and lulling. It draws you into a trance before you realise how deeply you have fallen into its grip.


Outstanding [Caution: Strobe Effect]

This spiral seems to stand out from the screen in some 3D effect. If you are prone to headaches from strobing effects, steer clear of this spiral.


Under The Dome

Renaissance churches have painted domes designed to captivate the minds of those who look up to behold the glory of the Heavens. If a temple's dome were lined with LEDs and turned into a display, imagine how you would drop from just looking at a spiral pattern like this on the ceiling.


Join The Dots

You'll find your eyes following the dots to the centre, and straight into trance.


Bright Spiral

Enjoy letting your eyes sink into the slow, bright, pulsing, changing colours. You'll drop very quickly with this spiral.


Eye In The Sky

An intense spiral for you to look at, and get drawn into like staring into an unblinking, gazing eye.


Indra's Net

Another spiral which catches you like a net and draws you into trance very quickly.


Push and Pull

This one fractionates - pushes you back, pulls you in, pushes you away, pulls you further in, over and over, until it is pulling you so deeply into its centre that you won't even notice when you drop into trance and click the centre of the spiral to take you to the instructions.



Patterns and spirals are so pretty, don't you agree?

Consider this one, pulsing colours and a spiral pattern radiating out from the centre.

So intricate, so bright, so colourful, and it's as if it draws you in like a magnet, until this is the only thing you can see, and even as it does that it settles your mind into a trance state, such that the more you look at it, the deeper into trance you find yourself going.

And as always, when your body and mind have fully dropped into trance, the first thing your unconscious mind does is click on the centre of the picture and go to the next page and enjoy following the instructions.



Enjoy this fun, rapid spiral. I promise, it will drop you so quickly, your body won't even be able to react until your unconscious starts to click the centre of the picture.


Sunflower Spiral

Enjoy the image. Let it take you down. When you are ready, click on the centre of the image and it will take you to where there will be instructions for you.


New Spirals

I'm going to post new spirals here, every Sunday at 21:00, at least until the end of the year.

As always, when you feel yourself dropping into trance, your unconscious will follow your instinct to click on the centre of the pic.


Hypnotic Sleep Story (with Auditory ASMR triggers) [Video]

This blog's first dip into the realms of ASMR, with this hypnotic video which uses ASMR auditory triggers.



Alicia Fairclough's Famous Fidget Spinner Hypnotic Induction

And here's the breakout video which is making Alicia Fairclough a Youtube hit in the hypnotic community - the Fidget Spinner Rapid Induction. Here, she uses the spinner as a spiral, with rapid induction and fractionation to bring you in and out of trance to get you accustomed to being entranced.


Yanis: Hypnotised [Video]

This is amazingly sexy, and demonstrates the great power of hypnosis in loosening inhibitions.



Fortier - Hypnosis Scene [French Language Video]

Watch Anne Fortier (Sophie Lorain) hypnotizing a character played by Michèle Barbara Pelletier. French, no subtitles.


Poison Ring 04 - Chance Metal Detectorist Find - video

Last poison ring video for now. This guy just found an old poison ring and an American football medallion in some field that looked like the quadrangle of an abandoned school or something. All the metalware was just lying around in the dirt.


Poison Ring 03 - Two-Faced Poison Ring

The Poison Ring videos were so popular that I dug up one or two more. Here's this week's one:-