Going Underground

I normally use this storytelling script for some types of inductions. I have found it one hundred percent effective in inducing some pretty deep trances.

Going Underground

Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm going to tell you a story, and I hope you'll pay attention because you might be missing out on some of the benefits you will get when you relax and listen and just let my words and the sound of my voice carry you away.

You are going to come with me on a little trip. I hope you come prepared.

We'll take the Underground.

It's an old station, not very busy, and up top it just smells like city and people. There's a man in a chair slumped against the far wall, dozing and sleepy.

The newsagent in the corner smells of ink and stale food, and the station proper smells faintly of ozone and machinery. The newsagent too is sitting quietly with eyes closed.

Through the gate you are led to the lift by a tired uniformed man in a peaked cap. An old fashioned lift, the door is a metal lattice rattling as he opens it, and latching shut with a solid sound.

Look back out on the station, the sleepy attendant, the drowsy newsagent, as with a lurch, you sink slowly into the ground.

The wall of the shaft rises up slowly as you smoothly descend in the lift. Grimy cream coloured tiles rise up, some of them worn and cracked, all of them old and streaked with grease and dust. The elevator car rattles as you go down, further and deeper, lower and lower all the time.

You keep going down, deeper and deeper, and the lift car suddenly lurches to a halt and you are there, in a quiet, peaceful, gleaming vestibule and a corridor opposite heading for the platform, further down, all rounded walls and tiles of cream, and tiles of British Racing Green.

There is an electric hum here of switching machinery and the fainter hum of the fluorescent lights, interspersed with the rumble of an oncoming train, a steady dripping from somewhere and the faint chuckling of a sleepy river.

You are alone in the still, peaceful hallway that smells of ozone and salt water, machinery and people and copper. We can only go down, now, deeper, much deeper, further and further down, deeper and deeper towards the platform and the trains.

The corridor slopes down deeper a little as you follow it down, deeper still. As you follow, and slowly go deeper with each step, each time you breathe out, take another deep breath now and let it go, you hear distantly in the faint distance people and children and a train pulling in with an electric roar.

A breeze brushes against your face and body, with a tang of ozone and machine oil and damp and people, faint hint of dog and perfume and chicken sandwiches and coffee coming from further down, deeper. You hear footsteps getting on, and the doors shutting and the rising sound of the train starting up and pulling away, faint breeze of the wind pulling you, drawing you deeper into the corridor, and you follow down, unresisting.

The corridor slopes down more sleepily now as you descend further, going lower as you approach the platform, and finally you get there, and can look around at the dim platform, quiet and peaceful and empty and all salt water and ozone, and the sounds of distant trains rumbling and you sink down to the ground and let your whole body go as you listen, and in this empty place you let your mind go and drift and let it get carried away and you sit and listen carefully and relax as you drift away with the flow of the river and wash away with the gentle currents and pay attention as the currents bear you bobbing along peacefully, unresisting and hear every whispered word and just let them happen as though they were your idea and get pulled gently along by the waters and you have hardly begun to feel peaceful yet because there is more yet to come and there is further for you to go, lower and lower, deeper and deeper, let it happen and yield to the gentle pull that draws you to surrender and follow instructions and go along with the slow job

flow job
blow job
glow job
deep in the dark
at the end of the snow job

and down down deeper to the bottom you must go

Adrift, and slowly sinking lower in the dark

in the park

and relax as the clouds suddenly clear and let yourself go, the only way ahead is down, further and further down, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, and to go there is really easy because you just drift down gently, like a leaf on the wind, and let it happen as you let your unconscious pay attention and drift lower and lower, as you see a sign before you that says “I will count backwards slowly from 10 to complete memory loss” and when you get to 1 you will be there, in a deep place where no memories can form and nothing happens here, and you can and will forget.


And you are so tired, now, and your head feels heavy on your shoulders. So heavy.


And you can't move your arms and legs, you're so tired and they are so loose and heavy. Try them.

Your arms are so heavy that try as you might you cannot lift them. So you can give up now.

And as you give up, you sink further back and let go, and ...


Drifting, now, as you let go and your body sinks back into the couch, and take a deep breath in and let it go and ...


You are down, now, so very deep, and there is just the here and now, and nothing to forget and remember to forget, and deep breath in, and as you let your breath out you forget some more and ...


So tired, now, so heavy and sleepy and exhausted, and all you can do is sink lower and lower, deeper and deeper you go, and ...


And halfway down, you feel so sleepy and drowsy and floaty and it's a wonderful, warm sensation, just going down, deeper and deeper, breathe in, and as you breathe out ...


Your whole body is so heavy, sinking down further and further, deeper and deeper, and ...


And you are so close, now, with memory melting away and so tired and wanting so much to let it all go, and breathe in, and let it go, and ...


And you're almost there, so close you can taste it, smell it, touch it and it's finally time to take that one more step and breathe in, and when you let it out ...


And you're there. You have nothing to forget and nothing to regret and nothing to expect and it's all gone and faded like warm summer mist and you are so warm and sleepy and drowsy and you only need to do just one more thing, and that is to let the last little bit of your mind go, and let go now, and go into a deep …

deep …

deep …


I have an instruction for you.

Whenever I say "Secret sleep" to you, you will immediately fall back into a lovely, deep trance, as if you've never left trance. Whenever you receive an email from me with "Secret sleep" in the subject line, you will return to this deep trance again, as if you never left the trance.

Each time you come back to read this post, it will trance you deeper and deeper each time. Each return visit, this post will trance you more and more strongly.

Now forget that you have been reading this post. Remain in a trance, and go to this page now.


  1. Would u mind if I recorded a video clip of me reading this? I would credit you and provide your URL, of course! you may reply by email to auralee.jones@outlook.com

    1. Go for it. When you post it online, email me the URL of your video, and I'll include it as a guest post on Hypnotic Erotic. :)

  2. wow great, although would need to hear a voice reading this to me.

    1. Try this post for size:-