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This blog is about providing you, the reader, with the quality entertainment you want. It is entertainment that you cannot get from anywhere else, or anyone else.

The mission of this blog is simple. Why command, when you can persuade? Why persuade, when you can tempt? Why tempt, when you can seduce?

My Code of Ethics is also simple. Your Fun Is My Fun. Your Space Is Sacred. Your Consent Cannot Be Taken.
Professionalism, safety and most of all FUN. These are the hallmarks of the entertainment this blog provides for you.

Private Club and Secret Society

Joining this blog, becoming a follower, is an act akin to joining a combination of an exclusive members-only club and a secret society.

Membership is open to women and trans* people as much as to men. Membership is full intersectional - everybody is welcome.

And as for it being secret ... that is up to you.


Some of the things I post here are stories featuring people getting hypnotised, tranced, seduced, anaesthetised - particularly by gases and hypnotic agents.

These stories are fantasy tales. Fantastic fiction. Erotica meant to tease, titillate and tantalise - and above all pure fiction.

These stories are not real.

Turns out I got into a lot of trouble from some young slip of a girl at work who couldn't tell the damned difference between reality and fiction. A lot of trouble, hence the rebranding - and the removal of my blog from search engines and Blogger's index.

So if you are finding yourself unable to understand the difference, I can recommend a really good therapist - because you likely need one.


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